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Power brakes

Power brakes

Many of us don't think twice about the type of brakes we have on our vehicles. We easily push on them, and we stop or slow down. Pretty simple BUT having power brakes is like having a self-propelled lawn mower! Without a self-propelled motor to propel us forward while mowing the lawn it would be almost impossible to mow our grass and still be alive when done! Can you imagine if your vehicle did not have power brakes? Just the thought of how much pressure you would have to apply just to stop would be incredible! Almost impossible to drive at highway and interstate speeds and still be alive after just one trip! Feeling very thankful for my self-propelled lawn mower and my power brakes on my car! The link below shows an animation of power brakes and some detailed information on power brakes. Just click below: https://bobsautoservi ... read more


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