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Alignment done on my car?

Most of us know that an alignment will align or straighten the wheels on our vehicles to factory specifications. So, why is this so important?

Benefits of an alignment

Having the tires in alignment will reduce the wear on them. It’s kind of like your spine, when it’s out of alignment, then your body has to overcompensate for that misalignment. In turn, some muscles are stretched more than they should. Our bodies then do not work as well as they should.

Your car’s wheels are the spine and when they are not aligned your car has to work harder at going straight down the road.

Signs an alignment is needed

Here are some indications that your vehicle needs an alignment: 1) when you get new tires put on 2) abnormal tire wear 3) pulls to one side (steering wheel is off center) 4) slamming your car into a curb 5) the suspension or steering has worn out or has broken parts.

You should have your car’s alignment checked once a year. This should be done earlier if your car is experiencing any of the above issues or new tires have been put on.

More information and a video on alignments at:

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