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Cold Car Care Needs— Brrrrrrr!

Oh my, are you keeping warm? While your vehicle has been helping to take care of some of your needs; here are some things to consider on taking care of its needs (yes, it’s not too late).


Battery care: Without a working battery…. well, this is a must. With the engine off, check to see if the cables can slip free from the posts. Don’t yank them, but pull firmly. Also, check battery for corrosion, the white powdery substance that can form around the nodes or clamps. If you find corrosion or your battery is older than 3 years old, the battery may need to be replaced.

Serpentine belt: The back side of the serpentine belt has grooves like a tire. If they are cracked or worn you will want to replace it. Again, sooner than later applies. If you wait too long it will snap and break.

Fluids: Windshield wiper fluid made for cold weather is worth the little extra money. It contains a greater concentration of alcohol and less water, so it is less likely to freeze.

Check your antifreeze (also called coolant). Antifreeze is sold full strength and needs to be mixed with water. Check the container and it will tell you what to do. Coolant is sold already mixed and ready to be added.

You might want to consider an oil change if it hasn’t already been done. Be sure to keep your gas tank half full or more at all times to prevent a fuel line from freezing.

Wipers: You will want to check your wipers. Do you have standard or all-season wiper blades? Some people prefer to swap out their wiper blades for winter blades while others will go with an all-season wiper. Most of our customers find all-season blades work best for them.

Tire pressure:Checking the tire pressure on your car is essential in the winter. You can find this information quickly on the label inside the driver’s door frame.

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