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Headlight Safety

Most of us don't think too much about our headlights on our vehicles. We have the lights turned to "auto" and drive with assurance that they will come completely on when needed.
Have you given thought to the quality of your vehicle's headlights? Over time the surface, constructed with polycarbonate plastic, of headlights changes. Our vehicles are exposed to extreme weather and temperatures changes. If your vehicle is stored outside, rather than inside a protected garage or other building, the surface can get cloudy, yellow and sometimes the seal around the light can shrink and leak. Not only does this look rather ugly but it is a safety issue for being able to see clearly at night... watch out for those deer!
What type of condition are your vehicle's lenses and seals in? We can assist you with reconditioning the lenses and fixing and moisture issues.
The link below from AARP will have more information for you on headlights and how to maintain them for quality visibility.


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