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How Many Car Filters Do I Have?

Our vehicles today have several different types of filters. Each filter typically has its own maintenance schedule for being replaced.

There is a matching quiz at the end, if you would like to take that challenge.

While many replacement schedules for changing filters is in your manual, here are some helpful tips from our NAPA friends:

  • Oil filter– gets changed during a regular oil change; remember the type of driving you do may change the frequency of your oil changes
  • Air filter— works with the oil filter to keep the engine clean, usually made out of paper or some other thin material
  • Transmission filter— this filter catches any dirt that may be in the fluids inside your vehicle’s transmission.
  • Cabin air filter— prevents pollen and dust from going through the heating and cooling system into where you sit. If the heater or air conditioning smells when you turn it on; the cabin air filter probably needs to be replaced. A quick look at the filter each season is helpful to avoid smelly air!
  • Fuel filter— Obviously it filters your fuel; it screens out dirt, rust and other foreign particles from the fuel

Were you surprised at the number of filters? Until I started writing these posts, I was too! Here is the quiz:

Match each picture with the correct term.

Answers at: https://bobsautolax.com/car-filters-quiz-answers/

** You may have to copy and paste this URL

A. Cabin Air Filter

B. Transmission Filter

C. Oil Filter

D. Fuel Filter

E. Air Filter

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