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How to Preserve Car Batteries

Car batteries, like our cell phone batteries, can drain quickly. Keeping the car battery charged is to our advantage. But how can the life expectancy of the battery be preserved?

Our friends, at NAPA, have given us some tips to help us with our batteries. Here’s their 6 suggestions:

  • Make sure all lights are off when the car is turned off.
  • Protect your car during extreme temperatures in the winter and summer. You can do this by using a garage, car port or simply protecting the car from the wind.
  • Take an occasional long distance road trip.
  • Have the alternator checked. This requires a voltmeter. You can do this yourself or bring your vehicle to Bob’s and we will check it for you.
  • Inspect the battery for corrosion or loose connection. Clean and tighten as needed.
  • Turn off all accessories. Newer vehicles have several; like Navigation systems, fog lights, security alarms and other accessories are available. When not in use, the systems that are not safety-related should be turned off as each one drains the battery.
Happy cruising!!
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