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New Year Resolution

Are you a New Year Resolution type of person? How about making ONE resolution for your vehicle? You read that right... a resolution for your vehicle (times the # of vehicles you own).
I have an idea that is really simple and easy to do. Follow these 4 steps for each of your vehicles on a WEEKLY basis. That's it... just once a week!
1. Check the tire pressure--- In winter months they are going to read lower than recommended so be sure to check them after the car has been driven a few miles. After you get home from work or running errands, would be a great time.
2. Check your hoses for cracks, dry or brittle material.
3, Top off your coolant and washer fluid
4. Check your oil. Running extremely low or out of oil is setting your vehicle's engine up for failure. At the very least check the Bob's Auto Service oil change sticker in the upper left corner of your windshield. This will tell you about when your next oil change is due.
Now this is a super easy and quick way to keep on track with the very basic maintenance items.
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