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Nice warm temps

We sure loved those nice warm temps this weekend. Even used our A/C yesterday driving down the interstate.

Did you need to use your A/C yet? Here is some information about how well your A/C should be cooling the air in your vehicle.

A well maintained A/C system will be able to keep your vehicle about 40-45 degrees cooler than the actual outside temperature. There is a minimum that it will cool to and that is so your compressor isn’t negatively effected by too cold of air.

On these upper 90 degree days, your vehicle’s A/C should be getting it COLD to the mid 50s. If you’re not getting nearly that low, a recharge may be needed.

Give us a call and we will check to see how cool your vehicle’s A/C is getting. If needed we can get it working better so you can stay COLD on those hot summer days, that will be here before we know it!

Stay cool this summer!

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