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Can Oil Leaks Lead to Big Issues?

Can oil leaks lead to damage to other parts of your vehicle? The simple answer is YES!
Oil lubricates the moving parts and helps to disperse heat. If your vehicle is low on oil due to a leak it can cause unnecessary wear and tear on engine components. Leaks can also damage the radiator. Any accumulated oil can wear down the seals and hoses. Ultimately coolant leaks and problems with the air conditioning and heating systems will happen.
If you suspect an oil leak in your vehicle, you need to get it in and have the source of the leak diagnosed. It could be a degraded gasket, oil pan leak or a loose or missing oil pan drain plug.
Most times, oil leaks can be found during those necessary oil changes. When you got your first car, someone instilled in you the necessity of regular oil changes. Now you know why!


Oil Leaks
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