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Repairs and Maintenance Not to Ignore

Getting repairs or maintenance done on our vehicles just isn't fun. We have to go without our vehicles for a day to a week or longer. Many of us put off repairs and/or maintenance for many different reasons.
The danger in doing this, of course, is we risk creating more issues or damage to our vehicles. The following 5 repairs need to be completed sooner than later for this very reason.
1. Worn engine/motor mounts. These mounts hold your engine in place. Obviously if the engine is not secured properly with these mounts, you risk other parts breaking.
2. Exhaust leaks. Not only are exhaust issues loud, but you risk the fumes entering inside your vehicle and potential health risks.
3. Fluid leaks. We all put off this repair way longer than we should. It's easier to just add the oil or power steering fluid. Over time this bad habit will cause other issues.
4. Worn shocks and struts. These rarely go bad overnight. So, when you start to feel like you're driving a boat or hear new noises when going over bumps, you really need to get this repair done SOON.
5. Failing CV axle. If you are hearing a clicking when turning your front wheels left or right, then you are due for new axles. You are putting yourself AND other drivers on the road by ignoring this issue. Have fun out there and be safe out on the road!


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