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Spitler Puncture Plug 1915

What is the name of this tool?

Answer: This is a Spitler Puncture Plug. It was used to repair tires.

Early automobile drivers had to deal with bad roads that damaged their tires quite often. The first automobile tires were an extension of bicycle tires. They used high pressurized air. Unfortunately they often failed.

The Spitler Puncture Plug Company designed these plugs to quickly seal the inner tube punctures so drivers could get back on the road again.

An actual cover to a box of plugs.

The actual bottom box for a set of plugs with directions on how to use them.

A box of plugs with the tool used to fix a flat inner tube.

No doubt about it, fixing a tire in the early 1900s was quite the experience. Sooo glad for the advancements in tire repair today. Makes me like our new tire changer even more!

Here is a link for the Spitler Puncture Plug Company:


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