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Start Your Engine!

Let's explore what it takes to start your vehicle's engine. Basically, it boils down to 3 things: spark, air and fuel. If you do not have any one of these, your car will not start.
The 4 main car parts responsible for starting a car included:
*the battery
*ignitions switch
*fuel system
It all starts with the battery! It provides the initial power needed to start your vehicle. If your vehicle would not start in these frigid temps; perhaps it was a weak battery. Cold weather is so hard on batteries and if it is weak to start with, well you know what happens.
The next part is the starter. It CRANKS the engine. Cranking is different that starting. Perhaps you have had your vehicle crank over but wouldn't start. You may have had a bad starter, not a bad battery. Next, the ignition switch turns on the power to the starter. It is located on the steering column.
Finally, the fuel system brings fuel to the engine for combustion. For combustion, think spark plugs, fuel filter and ignition coil. I will cover these in a different post.
Any of these parts not working properly could cause your vehicle not to start. Who knew starting your vehicle would be so complicated?


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