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The Electrical System

How important are electrical systems in your vehicle?
Very important, for all vehicles! Your vehicle's electrical system (battery, starter and alternator) is used to start your vehicle and keep it running. This also includes powering all the electrical components; like the radio and air conditioner/defroster.
Think of the 3 main components like this:
1. Battery--the BEFORE of starting your vehicle. It keeps the electrical currents flowing before you start the vehicle.
2. Starter-- the DURING of starting your vehicle. It keeps power going to the flywheel, crankshaft and pistons.
3. Alternator-- the AFTER of running your vehicle. It provides the continuous charge, so your vehicle is able to get you where you want/need to be.
When you have a starting/running issue; how do you know if it is the battery, starter or alternator? Click on the link below for the answer.


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