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Upcoming Vacation out West

So you have some exciting plans for the upcoming vacation out west to visit relatives. You’re plans include taking some of your family members out on your boat for some water skiing. You’ve got the boat and your tow vehicle all ready. You’ve gassed them up and even vacuumed both of them out. Now you are just counting down the days until you leave. Wait! Have you considered your vehicle’s maintenance schedule? Is up to date?

You’ll be towing around several thousand extra pounds, possibly through heavy traffic, hilly terrain and dirt roads. That adds a lot of severe strain on your engine, brakes and transmission.

Let’s just consider the transmission. The internal transmission temperature is going to be much higher than normal. What’s a fun little vacation for you is really severe duty for your transmission. Because the transmission fluid cleans, cools and lubricates the transmission; it’s important to have enough transmission fluid and that you have the transmission serviced according to the maintenance plan specific for your vehicle.

You most likely will be putting several miles our your truck, so you will want to have a courtesy check completed before leaving. Our service technician will check your transmission fluid, belts and hoses and let you know if your brakes are in good shape as well. We want you to totally enjoy your vacation. Give us a call 608-782-1375

Now, don’t forget the sunscreen and swimsuits! Have fun!

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