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Why is my power steering wheel starting to be difficult to turn?

For many of us, driving without power steering sounds impossible! Having to crank those great big steering wheels… oh my! How did people do it? Well, it was quite a work out that’s for sure!

Maintaining Your Power Steering

Let’s take a look at how to maintain your vehicle’s power steering, so you don’t have to go without this luxury. Vehicles today have a hydraulic pump, electric pump or an electric motor to help you steer. This pump is powered by your vehicle’s serpentine belt. Just like other parts of our vehicles, pumps and motors will eventually wear out and the hoses will start to leak.

It pays to be proactive and have this service completed on your vehicle. Check with your vehicle’s manual and get the advice from your service adviser as to the best schedule for this service.

Power Steering Service

This service will include replacing the power steering fluid, and lubing the mechanical parts as needed. During a routine oil change, our technicians will also lube any parts as needed, so this may not be necessary with the fluid exchange.

Below is a quick quiz about front end steering. Click on the title to get started.

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